About Us

About Us

Welcome to Colonial Combat Sports Club.

Justin McShane streams his workout on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays below, on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Vimeo.

Colonial Combat Sport Club, LLC (CCSC) is a wholly privately owned USA Boxing registered facility. We are a proud member of the Mid-Atlantic Local Boxing Committee (LBC). We are by appointment only and are not open to the public.

Our Philosophy

Our primary goal is to always have an extreme pro-growth environment. We are not professional boxers and coaches, but at all times we act professionally.

No nonsense. Hard work. Technical proficiency through sound fundamentals. Guts. Those are our four cornerstones upon which we build everything else. 

We are 100% about old school technical amateur boxing. Not brawling or slugging away where there is only a puncher’s chance of winning. We strive to be true tacticians of the sport.

All of our work and training is based upon the FOUR scoring criteria for USA Boxing:

  1. Number of quality blows (clean and effective) on the target area— which is the most important of the criteria—A punch that is visible and (1) connects with knuckle surface of the glove, (2) is thrown with weight of body and shoulder, (3) connects in the target area,  and (4) lands cleanly (without being blocked), and lands without infringing a rule
  2. Domination by technical & tactical superiority— skilled command of offense & defense using body shots, and counters while avoiding getting hit; controlling the style of the bout; using superior ring generalship (controlling pace & space); superior defense; and effective aggression (“making the fight”)
  3. Competitiveness— strategy adaptation, and having a will to win
  4. Non-infringement of the rules— clean boxing and good sportsmanship

Position. Speed. Power. That’s the order of our priorities. We have “Fight with Discipline” above our ring because that’s what we do.

Above all else we learn and we grow.


About the Facility/Equipment


Why are we named Colonial Combat Sports Club?

The colonists were ordinary folks pressed into extraordinary action. They risked it all. Although the odds were very much against them, they beat the greatest army and navy the world had ever seen at that time.

We honor the history of Central Pennsylvania but mix it with the ancient sport of combat (Boxing) with all of its rich traditions and techniques by calling ourselves Colonial Combat Sports Club.

Current Colonial Combat Sports USA Boxing Registered Members


  • Justin J. McShane-Masters Male (44 years old)-165/178-5’5″-RH
  • Shayne Berlin-Masters Male (50 years old)-165/178-5’7″-RH
  • Matt Knobloch-Masters Male (40 years old)-185-6′-RH
  • Zakkary Pleskonko-Elite Male (21 years old)-135-5’6″-RH
  • Sam Chesney-Elite Male (28 years old)-201-5’10”-RH
  • Samantha Miller-Elite Female (26 years old)-135-5’2″-RH

Non-athletes (coaches)

  • Justin J. McShane-Level 1
  • Michael Turrentine-Level 1
  • Angel Turrentine-Level 1
  • Samantha Miller-Green
  • Zakkary Pleskonko-Green


  • Justin J. McShane-Level One
  • Zakkary Pleskonko-in training